Fan left bloodied after attacking Nationals usher

An unruly fan’s confrontation with an usher at Nationals Park turned bloody.

It all started innocently enough as a pair of ushers were captured on video trying to remove a male fan from the field level stands during Washington’s game against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday. It’s unclear what the fan had been doing to deserve the exit, but his fellow patrons were chanting “Get him out!” as he did a goofy dance to it in the aisle.

He then proceed to yell and point at a male usher while appearing to record everything thing with his cell phone. A third usher stepped in and attempted, mostly successfully, to push the fan up the steps with his arms and chest as fans booed the fan. About halfway up, the fan even stopped to mockingly blow a kiss at another fan who approached to yell at him along the side of the aisle.

Things got ugly from there.

The fan stopped to have a conversation with the usher who had been forcefully guiding him away from the seats. He then walked a little more and after being bodied again delivered a forearm to the usher’s face, knocking him into his coworker and bringing a gasp from the crowd.

The usher who had been struck immediately grabbed the fan around the top of his chest, possibly scratching the fan’s face as the fan attempted to wiggle himself free, leaving blood running down by his ear.

Other fans continued to have zero sympathy as police got involved, yelling “A–hole!” as the fan was removed.