Fans boo land acknowledgment ceremony, flash Nazi salutes during Australia Cup

The 2022 Australia Cup between Sydney United 58 and Macarthur Football Club has been condemned by those watching on over horrific behavior.

16,461 fans packed into CommBank Stadium to watch Macarthur claim the 2-0 victory, but it was scenes from the crowd that had those watching on up in arms.

As Erin Wilkins stood at the microphone doing the Welcome to Country [a land acknowledgment ceremony], raucous fans in the crowd continued to chant and make noise throughout.

Australia Cup
Fans reportedly flashed Nazi salutes and booed during the Welcome to Country land acknowledgment.
Damian Briggs/Speed Media/Shutte

Unfortunately shortly after a chorus of boos could be heard reigning down on Wilkins as she made her way through the welcome to country.

Sadly things got even uglier once the game got underway as the cameras panned around the stadium showing the packed crowd.

New South Wales National Premier Leagues (NPL) outfit Sydney United 58 fans in the stands however came under fire from those watching on.

As fans continued to watch the broadcast, they were quick to point out what looked to be fans doing Nazi salutes.

Images of several fans with their right arm raised in an upward motion quickly began to circulate on social media with many disgusted by what they were seeing.

“Sydney United getting to the Final was meant to be a good thing. First NPL club ever to do it. Instead, it exposed neo-Nazis in their own supporter group. Hope the whole club is thoroughly investigated. These people shouldn’t be welcome in Football in this country,” presenter Jake Buckley tweeted.

If the salutes weren’t bad enough, the crowd chants also came under fire from those watching on with fans labeling the entire spectacle “an embarrassment”.

“This is the worst outcome for Aus Football. What should be something of celebration, historic team, semi-pro, making the final. But instead, we’ve got Nazi symbolism and salutes, booing of the welcome to country. What an embarrassment to the game and this country,” football presenter Michael Turner wrote.