Fans weather heat, rain for IPL clash | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: Thousands at the Narendra Modi stadium in Motera waited with bated breath for the dark clouds to lift. The rain gods did not hear their pleas. Still, the cricket aficionados from near and far, who had defied scorching heat and unseasonal rain, stayed put to witness the epic battle between the Gujarat Titans and the Mumbai Indians on Friday evening.
Enthusiastic supporters from Ahmedabad, across Gujarat, various states, and even as far as Dubai flooded the city for this highly anticipated showdown. Undeterred by the sweltering afternoon sun, fans began arriving at the stadium as early as 3pm, eagerly awaiting the thrilling contest.

Sanjay Bhargav, a dedicated Gujarat Titans fan from Delhi, travelled to Ahmedabad to catch the match. “I put aside all my work as I fervently support Shubman Gill and couldn’t miss this opportunity. I secured my tickets online for Friday’s match and acquired a ticket over the counter for Sunday’s IPL final,” he exclaimed.
The stadium’s surroundings buzzed with excitement as street vendors lined the streets, offering team T-shirts and merchandise to passionate fans. Supporters from every corner of the country proudly displayed their team allegiances, with faces adorned in the vibrant colours of their favourite sides. The atmosphere crackled with palpable energy, and anticipation peaked as the qualifiers approached.
The excitement extended to fans of the Mumbai Indians as well. Bijal Mulani, a resident of Satellite, arrived at the stadium with her sons to cheer for her beloved team. “My kids have been very excited to watch a live cricket match. My elder one had booked the tickets long back in the hopes of getting good seats,” she shared with a beaming smile.
Pawan Gahlot, another enthusiastic Mumbai Indians supporter, took a day off from work to savour the match. “I have taken a day off from work to watch the match. I am here with my friends, and we have all donned Mumbai Indians T-shirts to show our unwavering support,” he exclaimed excitedly.
As the day progressed, the crowd swelled, with families and friends joining in, patiently waiting for the match to begin. The enthusiastic gathering led to traffic congestion in the vicinity, prompting many to opt for public transport or cabs to circumvent parking hassles.

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