FBI says it has ‘contained’ a cybersecurity incident on its network

The FBI is dealing with another attack on its digital infrastructure, although the severity isn’t yet clear. The law enforcement agency tells CNN it has “contained” a recent cybersecurity incident on its network. The bureau isn’t commenting on the perpetrator, scope or damage, but says it’s gathering “additional information.”

Sources speaking to CNN claim the intruders targeted a system used to investigate child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The incident involved the high-profile New York Field Office, according to the insiders. Investigators are said to still be investigating the origins of the breach.

This isn’t the first such incident in recent memory. In November 2021, an attacker compromised FBI email servers and sent thousands of messages falsely claiming recipients were victims of data breaches. The campaign tried to blame the imaginary attacks on dark web security firm operator Vinny Troia. The FBI never named a culprit, but did patch the flaw that allowed the intrusion.

This may not necessarily be a serious violation. Other campaigns, such as the 2020 Treasury breach and the SolarWinds hack, are known to have exposed sensitive email contacts for officials. Still, the data reportedly at risk makes the attack concerning, even if the impact may be relatively limited.

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