Firefighter rescues man trapped in Hurricane Ian flood: video

Pulse-pounding video shows a heroic Florida firefighter rescuing a motorist trapped in rising floodwaters in Naples on Wednesday.

The desperate man can be seen sitting inside a nearly submerged white sedan as the fireman wades towards him in waist-deep water.

He breaks a rear driver’s-side window before reaching inside the vehicle and partially opening the rear door.

The first responder is then able to communicate with the driver, and assists him in opening the driver’s door to enable his extraction.

A man filming the incident — presumably another firefighter — can be heard warning the rescuer that the car was moving as he attempted to get the man out of the vehicle.

The Naples Fire Department — which posted the clip to its Instagram page — saw at least one of its stationhouses flooded during Hurricane Ian’s assault on the city.

A firefighter is shown reaching in to a car submerged in flood waters to rescue a motorist
The man became trapped after his car was flooded.
Naples Fire Rescue

The coastal town of 85,000 was especially hard-hit by the historic hurricane after massive storm surges filled its streets with raging floodwaters.

Footage shows homes in the town detaching from their foundations and floating away.

A motorist trapped in their car by floodwaters is rescued by a firefighter
The motorist was safely rescued by the firefighter
Naples Fire Rescue

Overwhelmed officials imposed a curfew to prevent looting and urged residents to boil their water after the storm knocked out a water treatment facility.