Fortnite: Launch off Sentinel hands without touching ground – Wolverine week 4 challenge guide

Fortnite season 4 week 4 is here, and that means a new Wolverine challenge. Players have already found his claw marks, been to the Quinjet crash site, and found Wolverine’s secret Sentinel trophy, but for challenge number four they’ll have to Launch off all the Sentinel hands without touching the ground.

To do this, players will have to head to the Sentinel Graveyard, which we’ve marked the location of on the map.

Wolverine’s Sentinel hand locations

Image: Epic Games via Sports Grind Entertainment

Once you arrive at the Graveyard, you’ll need to plan your You’ll need to plan the right route so that you hit all the jumps you need to without falling down. You can start anywhere you want, but easiest way to do this will be to start on the south side, and then travel forward and to the right, hitting each one in a loose circle.

A dead Sentinel in Fortnite with an arrow pointing to its hand

This Sentinel is the easiest to start on
Image: Epic Games via Sports Grind Entertainment

Unlike most Fortnite challenges, this one is actually a bit of a challenge. Once you start bouncing on the hands, you’ll have to adjust yourself mid air to make sure you hit the next one. There are six to bounce off of. Occasionally, you can trigger your glider during one of these bounces, and if you do, it won’t count against your progress. Use to adjust your angle, and make sure you hit the next hand dead on.

A Fortnite player jumping off of a Sentinel’s hand

Image: Epic Games via Sports Grind Entertainment

Once you’ve bounced off of every hand, you’ll get a notification that you completed this week’s challenge, and you’ll unlock the Ferocious weapon wrap.