Four contenders land interview for Maple Leafs GM spot and fans are outraged!

Last week, the Toronto Maple Leafs decided Kyle Dubas was not the man to lead the club next season, and hence, the search for a new general manager got underway.

On Friday morning, insider Frank Seravalli reported that four contenders were going to be interview for the vacant spot in Toronto.

“As the process to find the next Maple Leafs GM gets moving, I’d expect Toronto to interview at a minimum Jason Botterill, Marc Bergevin, Brad Treliving and Peter Chiarelli – if they haven’t already.”

When Seravalli posted the information on social media, Maple Leafs fans quickly reacted to the names mentioned in the search and it wasn’t all that positive.

While it’s been known that the Maple Leafs would prefer to hire an experienced GM to take over, fans aren’t thrilled with the recycling being done in Toronto at this time. Some of them even needed to laugh it off. Better than cry about it, I guess… 

It is not the first time Treliving has been mentioned as an option for the Maple Leafs. The former Calgary Flames GM has been connected to the Leafs for some time and this could mean he is indeed a top contender for the spot.

Chiarelli appears to often come up as an option when a general manager vacancy occurs in the NHL, though fans never seem thrilled about the rumours concerning the former Edmonton Oilers GM.

Bergevin got a bad rep in his last months with the Montreal Canadiens, but has been working for the Los Angeles Kings last season and did not make headlines for any controversy.

Botterill is also a name that comes back up when a spot is available and could get back to making the Leafs stronger. 
So, thoughts on these candidates?

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