Friday Night Lights, Weekend of October 30th

Four of Cal’s nineteen commitments are playing this fall, as all four of those commits played this past weekend. We’re looking through their stats in this edition of Friday Night Lights.

In a 56-17 win over Plano, Sturdivant took a short pass and turned it into a 42 yard touchdown reception. Full stats weren’t posted, but the catch and run touchdown showcased Sturdivant’s agility as a tall wideout, something the Bears are excited about bringing to their offense.

Millner and Higley fell late to Williams field in a 28-27 loss, with a missed Higley field goal in the final seconds making a difference. Millner, who went 24-30 for 273 yards and a touchdown, while rushing for 53 yards on 9 carries with a two point conversion, got the Knights into position for a final field goal with a 46-yard pass. Video of that pass can be seen below.

Barth and Queen Creek had an impressive 24-14 win over Highland HS. Barth, who played cornerback for Queen Creek, had an interception and a pass-breakup in the win, with the defense allowing 225 yards of offense from Highland.

Bastian Swinney’s Edina squad fell to 0-4 with a 42-0 loss to Eden Prairie. No stats were found on the contest.