Gene Simmons Reveals The Kiss Classic He Absolutely Hates Singing

Kiss co-lead vocalist and bassist Gene Simmons recalled the moment Paul Stanley showed him the 1979 song “I Was Made For Lovin’ You,” a song he revealed he isn’t happy to play live.

The rock icon, during an interview on the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, broke down his initial takeaways of the disco-stylized song as Stanley presented it to him.

“You were upset with the ‘do do do do do,’ you didn’t like it?” asked Stern as he mimicked the song.

″To this day, except, stadiums’ full of people, they jump up and down like biblical locusts – ‘do do do’ – and so I sing along,” Simmons said.

Stanley, who co-wrote the song along with Desmond Child and Vini Poncia, added that Kiss has been at festivals with bills featuring “very hardcore metal bands” and they’ve found themselves playing the song for fans.

“In the beginning we say ‘Do we really want to play that?’” Stanley said.

“We come on and we’re going ’do do’ and the whole audience is ‘do do do do’ and that’s the beauty of music, it hits you here, it hits you in the heart.”

Kiss also announced the final shows of their farewell tour on Wednesday.

The band, which formed 50 years ago in New York City, is set to hold their last two shows at Madison Square Garden in December.