Ghislaine Maxwell’s name to be removed from Douglas Graham sex slave lawsuit: judge

A Manhattan executive accused of grooming a child model to be his sex slave won a bid to remove mention of Ghislaine Maxwell and her media mogul dad from a lawsuit he faces.

Douglas Graham argued accuser Nikki Henry’s 2019 suit unnecessarily mentioned that Graham knew Robert Maxwell, and allegedly lied about his supposed ties to Jeffrey Epstein and his madam, convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Alexander Tisch sided with Graham, agreeing the part of Henry’s suit mentioning the associations should be deleted since they are “inflammatory” and “unnecessary,” according to the decision Wednesday.

The part to be removed alleges Graham “refined his appetites for young women, sadomasochistic sex, and ‘dungeons’ through his friendship with [Robert] Maxwell and his entourage” including Ghislaine “and other individuals of ill repute now living and deceased.”

This paragraph is “scandalous and/or prejudicial,” Tisch wrote in his decision.

Douglas Graham was sued by Nikki Graham who claimed when she was a model teen he began a sexual relationship with her.
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Graham — a former manager at KPMG — claimed he never met Ghislaine and hadn’t communicated with Robert Maxwell, who died in 1991, since 1978. Graham also denied knowing Epstein — even though Henry’s suit didn’t directly mention the convicted sex perv.

In December 2021, Graham’s then-lawyer argued that bringing the Maxwells into the suit is “scandalous and totally immaterial.”

Robert Maxwell is pictured with Ghislaine Maxwell, on left.
Graham won a bid to have mentions of Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert Maxwell taken out of Henry’s suit.
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“Ms. Ghislaine was in [Graham’s] circle of friends and Nikki noticed and observed her and we haven’t really said anything more than that at this point,” Paul D’Emilia told The Post in 2019.

Henry claimed she and Graham had a relationship that began when she was just 14 and he was 45. She alleged their relationship lasted decades and included brutal S&M sessions.

Graham has claimed he and Henry were in a consensual relationship that didn’t begin until she was 21. He also claims when the pair split in 2016, Henry “vowed to destroy” him.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are pictured
Graham claimed that he never met Ghislaine Maxwell or Jeffrey Epstein and hadn’t spoken with Robert Maxwell since 1978.
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current photo of Ghislaine Maxwell is pictured.
Graham said the mention of Maxwell in Henry’s suit was unnecessary and prejudicial toward him.

Maxwell has an appeal pending of a 2021 conviction in a case accusing her of helping Epstein groom girls and women for him to abuse. She was sentenced to 20 years behind bars in that case.

“We look forward to presenting Nikki’s case to a jury,” Henry’s lawyer Joseph Tripodi said.