Golden State Warriors’ Coach Steve Kerr Has Special Words of Appreciation for LeBron James

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers rivalry was one we can never forget. The two teams met each other in four consecutive NBA Finals in which Warriors won thrice and the Cavs won once. After watching the Cavaliers play up close, Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows exactly what it means to be facing LeBron James.

Now that James is in the Lakers, who have seeped their way into the NBA Finals. Steve Kerr thinks he couldn’t have been in better form.

Is LeBron James at the peak of his career?

It has been almost two years since the Warriors got a chance to face LeBron in the playoffs. Due to injuries, he missed the post season last year and the injury ridden Warriors also failed to keep up with the Toronto Raptors in 2019 NBA Finals. However, the injury plague for the Warriors didn’t end and they ended up sitting out of the playoffs this season.

While the Warriors have had a rough year, LeBron James has managed to pull the Lakers to the NBA Finals after a decade. They are up against the Miami Heat and are already leading 1-0. While this is year 17 of LeBron’s career, his prowess doesn’t seem to wither away and that is exactly what Steve Kerr meant.

On 95.7, Steve Kerr commented on what it was like watching LeBron play in the bubble. He said, “I think LeBron is actually a way better player now than he was six years ago when he played in Miami. It’s remarkable watching the offensive transformation since then, and his confidence in his shooting, and that’s what Miami has to deal with.”

The Lakers would be lost without him

Anthony Davis and LeBron James celebrating against the Miami Heat
Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The 35-year old is performing on the offense like never before. His shooting may have taken a slump but the way he has carried the franchise forward is one to appreciate. On top of that, having Anthony Davis as his right hand just makes everything better. Without a doubt, his experience of playing in the Finals is coming in handy for the Lakers.

The King finds better ways to dominate his opponent each night and we just don’t see his prime ending anytime soon.