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Gov. Cuomo blasts de Blasio over ‘waste’ in NYC budget




Gov. Cuomo blasts de Blasio over 'waste' in NYC budget

Gov. Andrew Cuomo engaged in a little fat shaming Wednesday — over New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s bloated city budget.

Asked about de Blasio’s announcement earlier in the day of one-week staff furloughs including himself and his oft-repeated threat of widespread municipal layoffs to shore up the Big Apple’s balance sheet, Cuomo said there’s “a lot of waste” in the Big Apple’s budget.

“I’m saying layoffs are the last thing you want to do. They’re the last option, especially in New York City where you have so many problems. We have a homeless problem. We have a crime problem. The city is dirty,” said Cuomo, landing several punches at his downstate rival’s expense.

“Layoffs are the last option, but in a $90 billion budget that the city has, I’m sure there’s a lot of waste that you can find and that’s what you would need to do before you would go to borrow or lay off anyone.”

De Blasio and the City Council inked a 2021 budget deal that pared-back city spending from an expected $95 billion to $88 billion — including controversial cuts to the NYPD, as well as the Parks and Sanitation departments.

That package included $1 billion in unspecified labor savings — and with union negotiations seemingly going nowhere, Hizzoner has warned that 22,000 municipal employees may get pink slips unless he gets federal aid or state permission to borrow.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Gov. Andrew CuomoLev Radin/Pacific Press/Shutterstock

Independent government watchdogs say there is something to Cuomo’s critique, arguing that de Blasio focused too deeply on cutting program expenses while failing to tackle the city’s structural costs.

“We have a major multi-year fiscal crisis, the mayor has talked about borrowing and layoffs when he has other options and he needs to exercise those other options,” said Andrew Rein, president of the Citizens Budget Commission.

Rein’s CBC published an analysis that shows the city could easily find $1 billion in savings from trimming the city’s generous employee healthcare programs, consolidate fringe benefits administered by each union and tweaking decades-old work rules.

“He needs to work with his commissioners to have efficiencies to downsize the workforce over time,” Rein added. “They adopted a balanced budget this year and then the mayor came back two months later saying we did not achieve what we promised — and we have a bigger problem next year.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio
Mayor Bill de BlasioMichael Appleton

Cuomo did not mention his own financial predicament as Albany faces a projected $30 billion budget hole over the next two years.

The state Division of Budget said in August that local governments could see state funding for health, education and other key services slashed by as much as 20 percent unless federal aid arrives.

The budget passed by state lawmakers during the spring gave Cuomo significant authority to borrow as much as $11 billion and make unilateral cuts to state programs as the coronavirus pandemic erupted.


Devon is a fitness enthusiast who loves playing Golf in his free time. He keeps in touch with the Golf events happening all around the world and jots down fine news pieces for the website.

Devon is a fitness enthusiast who loves playing Golf in his free time. He keeps in touch with the Golf events happening all around the world and jots down fine news pieces for the website.

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Public lands boss William Perry Pendley serving unlawfully: judge




Public lands boss William Perry Pendley serving unlawfully: judge

A federal judge ruled Friday that the top US official overseeing public lands has been serving unlawfully in his post and blocked him from continuing on in the position.

William Perry Pendley has spent more than 400 days as acting director of the US Interior Department Bureau of Land Management. But US District Judge Brian Morris said his rulings were null and void during that time period as he has never been lawfully confirmed by the Senate.

The ruling came after Montana Governor Steve Bullock sued Pendley saying the ex-oil and gas industry attorney did not have authority to make decisions over his state’s public lands.

“Today’s ruling is a win for the Constitution, the rule of law, and our public lands,” the governor said in a statement.

The Trump administration has often relied on officials serving in an acting capacity to skirt around Constitutional requirements that senior government officials be confirmed by the Senate. The administration is known to churn through political appointees and Senate confirmation fights are often lengthy, high profile, and bitterly partisan affairs.

Conner Swanson, a spokesman for the Interior Department, called the decision “outrageous” and “well outside the bounds of law,” and added that it would be swiftly appealed.

With Post wires


Devon is a fitness enthusiast who loves playing Golf in his free time. He keeps in touch with the Golf events happening all around the world and jots down fine news pieces for the website.

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My fiancé’s 1979 murder fuels my career now




My fiancé's 1979 murder fuels my career now

Years before she became Nancy Grace, legal commentator and host of her own show, “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” on Fox Nation, she was Nancy Grace, a 19-year-old English literature major at Mercer University in Georgia. She spent her days studying Shakespeare and dreamed of becoming a professor. She was about to be married to Keith Griffin, a 23-year-old geology student who had been earning extra money working for the Ingram Construction Company on the Georgia Kraft Plywood site near Madison, Ga.

And then tragedy struck.

One day in August 1979, a few months before the wedding, Griffin took the company truck out to buy sodas for himself and his co-workers. As he drove out of the Kraft Plywood entrance road and onto US Route 278, he was shot and killed by a former co-worker, Tommy McCoy, who had recently been fired from the construction company. McCoy had no prior criminal record.

Now married to David Linch, she wants to help others not be victims.
Now married to David Linch, she wants to help others not be victims.Corbis via Getty Images

The killing shattered Grace’s world; she completely lost her appetite, and dropped out of school for a time.

“I had no idea what was going on in the world until Keith was murdered,” Grace told The Post. “Since then, I’ve been driven by the idea that if I could stop one crime, it would be worth it.”

When she went back to school, she went in a different direction, getting her JD degree at Mercer, followed by a master’s of law at New York University. As she devoted her life to getting criminals off the streets, McCoy was convicted for murder in 1980 and served more than 25 years in prison until his parole in 2006.

Grace spent almost a decade as special prosecutor for the Atlanta-Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Georgia before catching the attention of Court TV founder Steven Brill, who invited her to be a co-host with Johnnie Cochran on the network — and turned her into a star.

After having sworn she would never marry or have kids, Grace did find love again: In 2007, she married David Linch and in 2008 became a mother to their twins, John David and Lucy, who are now 12.

Her new book, “Don’t Be a Victim: Fighting Back Against America’s Crime Wave” (Grand Central Publishing), out now, aims to arm people with safety tips: “Do not linger in the parking lot, on arrival or on departure. Don’t start a phone conversation. Keep moving,” she advises in one chapter. In another, she urges: “Never have your child’s belongings monogrammed or stylized with their name or initials. This makes it so much easier for a predator to get your child’s attention by calling out their name, and in that one moment they attack. Being called by their name also lulls a child into the belief the predator knows them and their family.”

The Post caught up with Grace recently to talk about the book, current events — and moving on after tragedy:

Were you a different person before Keith died?

I’ve been told I had a completely different personality before then. I don’t remember who that girl was! I just wanted to read Shakespeare all day, and teach it. I grew up in a very rural area out in the middle of Georgia, on a red dirt road with a well dug by my grandfather. The bookmobile would come out to serve the needy people — i.e., us! I had never heard of violence or racism or poverty. No one had anything, but we were happy. After school, I’d ride my bike until I could hear the church steeple ringing to signal that it was time for dinner.

You spend your professional life dealing with very dark stuff. What do you do when you want to relax, or shut it all out?

Up until I had kids, I had no desire to shut any of it out. When I’m not fighting crime, I feel like a fish out of water. [But] the children forced me to change my life. I don’t want them to have a sad mommy or to have a life that is overshadowed by crime. So when I pick them up from school, I turn it all off and I make a conscious effort to do what they need. I cook 5 to 6 nights a week and we sit down together to eat. I play, swim, bike with them. I even became a scout leader! I want my little girl to be an Eagle if she wants to. I pitch tents in the rain, in the dark. I’m all in. I don’t want to be distracted. Unwittingly, the kids have made me let go a little bit. They have somehow brought real joy into my life for the first time since Keith was killed. It’s real, and it’s the best thing that’s happened to me.

What made you want to write this book?

As part of “Crime Stories,” I get to help fight crime. Looking back and thinking about all the cases I investigated, I wanted to use all that to help people not become a victim in the first place. So the book is me trying to make sense of all of it to help other people.

What’s a good safety tip for parents to follow?

Well, 30 percent of child abductions have something to do with the school route. So I get up around 5 every morning and I get everything ready to take the children to school. I always take them to school myself.

What do you think about the “defund the police” slogan?

The thought of defunding the police is ridiculous. I know there are some bad apples and some criminals that are cops. For the most part, judges, cops, are some of the most honorable people I’ve ever met. What happened to George Floyd is wrong and I’d happily prosecute all of those cops. They were all there and they were all responsible. But defunding [the police] does not stop crimes.


Devon is a fitness enthusiast who loves playing Golf in his free time. He keeps in touch with the Golf events happening all around the world and jots down fine news pieces for the website.

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Couple charged in grisly murder, dismember of body at golf course




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California deputies said they arrested a man and a woman in connection with a grisly murder and dismembered body recovered from the lake of a golf course.

According to The Sun, Kimberly Machleit, 35, and Donald Anderson, 37, were arrested after a dive team found the unidentified remains at Blacklake Golf Course in Nipomo, San Luis Obispo County.

Although authorities have not identified the victim, sheriff’s office officials did state the person had been missing since 2018.

Authorities also stated that the suspect and the victim knew each other, prior to the presumed murder and golf course dismemberment.

No other details were provided about the role the pair may have played in the death.

Mystery as dismembered body is found on California golf course as couple are arrested

“It appears that the victim was murdered in the city of Santa Maria and dismembered before being disposed of at the golf course in December 2018,” the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office said in a release.

According to KTLA in Los Angeles, it has not been disclosed how the person found dismembered on the golf course was actually murdered.

Machleit was booked on suspicion of a charge murder with special circumstances and conspiracy, while Anderson was booked on accessory charges.

Both are currently being held on bond and it isn’t clear if they have attorneys available to comment.

“The suspects and the victim knew each other and this was not a random act,” officials said without elaborating.

Pair arrested after missing person found dismembered in lake at San Luis Obispo Co. golf course

According to a review of online jail records, both Machleit and Anderson remain in active custody at the Santa Barbara County Jail.

As the Associated Press reports, Machleit, Anderson and a third man were recently freed on bail.

The trio was arrested last month in Santa Maria on suspicion of possessing drugs for sale and being felons in possession of firearms.

It is not clear if that third person is connected to the murder and dismemberment on the golf course.

Kimberly Machleit, 35, of Santa Maria, was arrested on suspicion of murder with special circumstances and conspiracy, according to a statement from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff Office.

Dismembered body found in California golf course lake; 2 arrested

As a result of the previous arrest, sheriff’s officials also seized a large number of drugs and stolen guns connected to the couple charged in the golf course murder-dismemberment.

According to CBS affiliate KOVR in Sacramento, authorities seized methamphetamine, heroin, materials related to narcotics sales and several illegal or stolen guns — including a sawed-off shotgun — as a result of the arrest last month.

The sheriff’s office is not identifying the victim while awaiting an official ruling from the county medical examiner, according to True Crime Daily.

It is not clear when the couple is due back in court. The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information in the case is asked to contact the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s detectives executed a search warrant just after midnight Tuesday morning at a location on the 2200 block of Professional Parkway in Santa Maria. Kimberly Machleit, 35, and Donald Anderson, 37, were arrested.

Dismembered remains found in golf course lake, 2 acquaintances arrested for murder


Devon is a fitness enthusiast who loves playing Golf in his free time. He keeps in touch with the Golf events happening all around the world and jots down fine news pieces for the website.

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