Graduating at 40: Is It Possible?

I start with a dry answer: “obviously yes”.

Today’s article is for those who are a few years older than the average of students who meet in the corridors of universities and want to start studying again after years.

More and more people write to us asking for advice on how to start studying again at 40 after years and years away from books.

Often the motivation is given by new opportunities for job growth, to aspire to “higher” positions in the company organization chart. But it is not uncommon to find people who want to graduate at 50 of pure passion and the desire to learn new things.

Whatever your intent is, let them say that it is certainly a noble intent and that if you do not lack the courage to get going, the university will give you great personal satisfaction. And, in combination with using a paper writing service, it might not be that impossible.

Time Is Money: In the True Sense of the Word

Let’s start by saying that studying at 40 means for most people find themselves starting to study again in the middle of adulthood with work, family, and commitments of any kind to face.

When we say that time is money, it is in two respects in this sense:

  • Everyday life is made up of work (which earns us money) and unforeseen events (which take away our money). Who doesn’t feel busy every day? Now you have to imagine spending several hours studying and following the lessons;
  • If we go out of the course and fail more exams, we will extend the enrollment time and pay higher fees and fines for out-of-course.

The first fundamental thing, therefore, is to know how to manage your study time well, train routines, and combine study with work. By managing your time well, you will see that you will be able to carve out some moments to study.

You can do this in 3 ways:

  • In the evening when you get back from work. We do not recommend it because it seems the easiest in reality it is the hardest;
  • Early in the morning: this seems crazy, but if you manage to go to bed earlier and spend 1 hour every morning studying you will notice great benefits because you will have a fresh mind and not be tired like in the evening
  • Mixing the 2 methods of the first with moments of “hole”. Lunch breaks, listening to audio recordings, and so on. It is a bit confusing perhaps, but some people love it.

Especially working people should always remember that employing writing services is always an option.

Relearn to Study

And here comes the second great fear. If we can manage time, who tells us that we can manage a university text and then that we know how to manage the exam?

Nobody tells us if we throw ourselves headlong.

But going back to studying after so many years means doing things methodically: with the right study techniques, it is possible to learn many concepts and get medium-high marks in exams.

The advice is to learn a precise university study method and to be applied exam after exam. We cannot improvise and as you progress with the exams you will see that you will become more and more familiar with the study.

Furthermore, the advice is to dilute the exams (take advantage of the part-time options to pay fewer taxes and dilute them over several years) in order to start “simple”. You cannot immediately take 4 exams, exemptions, appeals, difficult subjects, etc., etc.

All of this could lead you to very great confusion and discomfort. Rather study less but aim for small “winnings” book after book, exam after exam.

Lessons Are Important, Especially When You Start Studying Again at 40

And already, sometimes we come to advise some students not to follow certain lessons or specific subjects, either for reasons of time or for reasons specific to that professor or that subject.

But when you have to resume studying after so many years of inactivity, the advice is to try to follow as many university lessons as possible.

At the time of writing this article, 90% of the lessons take place online for the healthcare context we are living in. From this point of view, it could be positive to have the recordings available or in any case to be able to see the lesson from your PC in order to reconcile the time we have available for study.

In “normal” times, however, I realize that it is really difficult to be always present in class, it was already difficult for me a few years ago, with a part-time job.

If you are starting to study again after so many years, the advice is to create a healthy network. Try to interact in Facebook and Whatsapp groups, ask for notes (without shame), and try to relate to students in the classroom.

I know it is difficult and very often we are “lone wolves”, but with a little effort this network can pay you back when you need it.

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Resume Studying at 40: Are You Ready, Are You Ready to Get Involved?

Well, we hope we have given you some advice. It is vital to keep in mind:

  • Personal motivation
  • Time available
  • Study method

By combining these 3 elements and with a lot of elbow grease, I assure you that getting back to studying at 30, 40, or 50 is feasible.

Of course, you’ll also have to recall (or learn) how to perfect your academic paper. Reading the following article will most surely help you with that – 6 Master Tips For Writing The Perfect College Paper.

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