– Eklund – Panthers Have Won the Hearts of NHL Fans; Wed’s Buzzcast

I’ve been running an interesting poll on twitter the past few days, and honestly I am a little surprised by the results. I asked who people out there personally wanted to win the Stanley Cup? I was curious because we are looking at four teams in the final four, who besides in their own markets, would not make many NHL fan’s lists of their top ten favorite teams..

But the Cup Playoffs can change that narrative, especially if there is team that the hockey world sort of falls in love with…That team right now appears to be the Florida Panthers…

As of this posting close to 2500 people have weighed in and voted…check out these results..

Why the Panthers?

I have a few reasons why I believe they have captured the hearts of hockey fans, but I would love to first hear your thoughts? In the Comments, reply with the team you want to see win it all, and include the team you normally pull for…