Humpback whale nearly crashes into boat off Long Beach

Whale, hello there.

Passengers aboard a boat about an hour off the Long Beach shore started their Memorial Day weekend with a splash, as a humpback whale nearly knocked over their vessel.

“Memorial Day Weekend starting off with a bang,” the Long Island Wise Guy captioned the 8-second video on his social media pages Friday, crediting Nicole Liotta for the footage.

Liotta, 27, of Long Beach, told The Post that the whale did, in fact, touch the boat.

She said there were three passengers onboard — two can be heard shrieking at the sight of the giant mammal as it pops out of the water.

Liotta said she was screaming “more out of shock” than anything else.

She added that the group also saw the whale pop up from farther away as they stopped to see dolphins.

The video has amassed over 125,000 views on the Long Island Wise Guy’s Instagram Reel and 138,000 views on his TikTok.

Viewers flipped out — some just as shocked as the screaming passengers — over the stunning moment.

“But does he have a beach pass?” one person joked.

“I would’ve needed a change of pants,” another spooked spectator admitted.

“That’s awesome! May scare the hell out of me but I would love it for sure !!” someone else exclaimed.

Passengers can be heard screaming at the sight of the whale.
longislandwiseguy, /Instagram

Humpback whale nearly crashes into boat off Long Beach
Dolphins swam off in the distance.
longislandwiseguy, /Instagram

One confessed: “My heart would have stopped if I was on that boat.”

“That scream 😂 I’d be doing the same lol,” another laughed.

“He was just saying hi,” one person suggested.