“I do have Tom Brady fever” – Analyst Claims Tampa Bay Will Outplay Saints In Week One

Tom Brady arrived in Florida as a sort of ‘savior’ figure. The veteran NFL quarterback turned Bruce Arians’ young side into playoff contenders. After 20 years with New England Patriots playing under head coach Bill Belichick, Brady is looking for a new challenge. The project in Tampa Bay serves as a good place to start for the 43-year old star.

Of course, six Super Bowl trophies and three NFL MVPs later, Brady has nothing to prove to anyone. But his passion to win is second to none. This Sunday’s epic showdown between TB12 and Drew Brees will be a treat for fans across the league. Here’s what leading NFL analysts said about the highly-anticipated clash.

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NFL analyst picks Tom Brady over Drew Brees in highly-anticipated Week One clash

On a recent installment of FOX Bet Live, host Rachel Bonnetta was joined by Cousin Sal, Todd Fuhrman, and Clay Travis. Here’s what the latter said with regards to Sunday’s game between Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints.

“I do have Brady fever because this offense is on fire…let’s think about the weapons that Tom Brady is going to have come Sunday when he goes on the road in what will likely be a very quiet dome. He’s going to have Chris Godwin at wide receiver, he’s going to have Mike Evans.”

“They are the two best wideouts that he’s ever had in his career as a quarterback, and he’s had an illustrious career….there’s a lot of different playmakers on this offense…The Saints typically aren’t that good in week one when they go up against anybody at home in their opener,” Travis said on the show.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday. Sean Payton and Drew Brees are more than aware of the threat Brady brings to the table. Add his unparalleled experience to an incredible offense brought together by Bruce Arians and you have a dangerous threat at your doorstep.

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