“I Was Freaking Out” – Neil Magny Opens Up on Physical Complications Before Robbie Lawler Fight

Neil Magny had overcome a battle outside the cage before he went in there against Robbie Lawler at the UFC on Vegas 8 event.

Magny successfully claimed the win via decision, outpointing Lawler for all the three rounds. While he was putting on a show for the fans, Magny has clarified to being unwell during the whole happening.

‘The Haitian Sensation’ suffered some medical complications and had to vomit throughout until he stepped inside the octagon. Although he received proper medication, the 33-year-old was still hesitant about his health.

Neil Magny vanquished ‘The Ruthless’ with a bad health

Neil Magny revealed that he woke up sick on Saturday morning, which was quite frustrating for him and his team. However, things turned even worse after he started to vomit constantly.

During an interaction with MMA on Sirius XM, Magny said, “ I don’t know what is it that I ate last night before but I woke up Saturday morning sick as a dog. Like I was just like ‘What the heck is going on here’

He added, “I got up, and I went to the shakeout.”

“I just laid and within 10 minutes of laying down I was like I gotta throw up

“I just entered the bathroom, and I was puking left and right and I was like okay, this is not good. I was not being able to hold down anything.”

However, Magny had his coaches’ backup, and they did their best to bring him back on track. No wonder it tensed the welterweight prodigy, as he was about to face an eminent fighter in Robbie Lawler. Despite that, he overcame every adversary to emerge out victorious.

“I was like freaking out mentally, Oh my god, I am gonna go and fight against a guy who is a heavy hitter and here I am just being completely dehydrated and depleted like “how this is gonna work”

“It was not a good feeling,” told Magny.

Magny vs Lawler

It was a one-sided affair as Magny overpowered Lawler in every single round. Not only that, but Magny also unleashed four successful takedowns to advance himself on the judge’s scorecard.

He also landed 62 strikes in response to Lawler’s 26. Thus, Magny claimed a comfortable win on the judge’s board to progress himself as the 11th ranked welterweight fighter.

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