I’m not ‘dark and twisted’ in real life

Jenna Ortega may be known for her “dark and twisted” acting roles, but she insists she’s not like that in real life.

While hosting the March 11 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” the 20-year-old actress spoke about her horror roles in “Wednesday,” “X” and “Scream VI” during the opening monologue.

“A lot of people assume I’m dark and twisted in real life because of these roles,” she said while helming the show live from Studio 8H.

“I think there’s just something about my face where people see it, and they’re like, ‘Hey! Let’s throw blood on that,’” she joked.

Ortega was later joined on stage by comedian Fred Armisen, who starred alongside her as Uncle Fester in Netflix’s “Addams Family” spinoff.

Jenna Ortega hosts Saturday Night Live
Ortega joked that people want to “throw blood” at her face.
Rosalind O’Connor/NBC via Getty Images
Jenna Ortega covered in blood
“Wednesday” is just one of her very creepy acting roles.

“Wow! So this is what it feels like to be on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” Armisen, who was a regular cast member from 2002 to 2013, quipped.

“You were on the show for 11 seasons,” Ortega replied, before telling Armisen, 56, that he was the reason she watched the weekly sketch comedy show growing up.

Just a few days before making her “SNL” debut — as the youngest host of the season — Ortega nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet.

Jenna Ortega in a “Scream VI” promotional poster
She also appears in the new “Scream VI” film.
Selfie of Jenna Ortega in a black dress
Ortega has been acting for over a decade, but her social media accounts exploded in recent months thanks to “Wednesday.”

She donned a Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture look at the “Scream VI” premiere, which was noticeably stained with blue ink.

The deconstructed black-and-white tuxedo dress was stained with a sharpie, according to her Instagram post, in which she apologized to designer Olivier Rousteing.

“How well does the red carpet hide blood stains?” the official “Scream” Instagram account commented on her post, while her other followers joined in.

“The stain is actually a blue Verified check mark,” one quipped, while another wrote, “Sharpie stain is a moment fr.”

Ortega has been taking social media by storm ever since “Wednesday” dropped on Netflix last year.

She gained more than 10 million new Instagram followers in just 10 days after the series premiered in November 2022.