Instagram rolls out its auto-captioning sticker in Stories

Igor Bonifacic

After some people got a chance to see the feature early, Instagram is adding a new sticker to Stories that allows English-speaking users to add auto-generated captions to their videos. On Twitter, the company said the feature is coming to Reels as well. It also plans to make it available in more languages and additional countries.

Once Instagram generates the captions, you can adjust the style and color of the text to your liking. Naturally, you also can edit them for spelling and punctuation, so they better reflect what you said. Deaf and hard-of-hearing users will likely get the most out of this feature, especially if hearing individuals go out of their way to caption their videos. But it’s one of those accessibility features that anyone can appreciate. After all, there are plenty of people who like to watch Stories without sound.

Of course, Instagram is far from the first company to add auto-captions to one of its apps. TikTok, for example, recently added the feature, and other Instagram apps like IGTV have had them for a while as well. Either way, this is one of those features you’re happy to see replicated across as many apps as possible.

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