Is Travis Clark & Katie Bates’ Baby Girl Here Yet?

Is Travis Clark and Katie Bates’ baby girl here yet? The Bringing Up Bates stars are expecting their first child and were previously told she could arrive any day now. Since hearing that news, the Clarks have been keeping fans updated and sharing what is going on in their lives as they wait for Hailey’s birth. What’s the latest news? Is she finally here? Keep reading for all of the details.

In August 2022, Travis and Katie announced to fans that they are expecting their first child. They later learned that the baby is a girl and revealed that they are naming her Hailey James.

At this point, Katie Bates’ baby has not arrived. Her official due date is March 4, so there is still some time left before her expected arrival. Though Hailey isn’t due to arrive until next month, it looks like things are moving along quickly.

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The mom-to-be goes into pre-term labor.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Katie Bates’ baby might be coming sooner than planned. At a doctor’s appointment nearly two weeks ago, Katie learned that she is in pre-term labor. The doctor informed the young mother-to-be that the baby could come at any point in the next few weeks.

Once Katie learned that she was in pre-term labor, her sister Carlin Stewart made the trip from Tennessee to New Jersey so she could be there for the baby’s birth, whenever it may happen. Due to Carlin’s health issues, she brought her husband Evan Stewart, and their kids Layla and Zade along. So, they’ve all been hanging out waiting for the baby to come.

Is Travis Clark & Katie Bates’ baby girl here yet?

As of Friday, Feb. 17, Hailey hasn’t made her debut. Fans are still impatiently waiting to hear this big news from the couple. On Thursday, Katie and Travis released a new YouTube video and said it’s their final baby update. They learned at a doctor’s appointment that Katie had three infections. The infections were causing signs of pre-term labor, but those signs disappeared once she started medication to treat the infections.

Also in the video, the couple did a test drive to the hospital. They practiced loading up the car and getting to the correct door at the hospital. Fortunately, it was pretty simple and only took about 15 minutes. So, they are much more confident they can make it to the hospital when it’s time.

Hopefully, when it is time for Hailey’s birth, everything goes smoothly. Fans will likely get to be a part of the moment thanks to social media and YouTube. You can watch their latest video below.

So, when do you think Travis Clark and Katie Bates’ baby girl will finally arrive? Are you looking forward to meeting her via YouTube and Instagram? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news. We’ll continue to keep you in the loop about all of the new babies on the way.

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