Is UK a football or basketball school, according to AI?

Will Levis, Oscar Tshiebwe (Associated Press)

LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Is the University of Kentucky a football or basketball school?

This controversial question made headlines in August 2022 after the university’s basketball coach John Calipari said Kentucky is “a basketball school” while petitioning for funds to be allocated toward new facilities.

Opinions regarding whether that statement was true began to surface rapidly, many of which pointed to the fact that Kentucky’s football team has been consistently improving since the beginning of the Mark Stoops era, going to seven straight bowl games and netting multiple 10-win seasons.

Coach Stoops responded to the remarks on Twitter and said, “Basketball school? I thought we competed in the SEC?” He ended the post with “#4straightpostseasonwins.”

The University of Kentucky basketball program is widely considered a “blue blood” with a rich history, and there is no doubt the football program has made huge strides since the Stoops hire in 2013, which makes the question exceedingly hard to answer for a deeply passionate fanbase.

But what if we could attempt to answer that question without being subject to a response swayed by emotion?

FOX 56 asked ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, the big question: Is the University of Kentucky a football or basketball school?

Here’s what it had to say:

“The University of Kentucky is known for its rich athletic tradition and success in both football and basketball. However, historically, it is often considered more of a basketball school. The men’s basketball program at the University of Kentucky has a storied history, with numerous national championships and a passionate fan base. Basketball has long been a dominant sport at the university, and the program consistently attracts top-tier talent and competes at a high level.

While the basketball program garners more attention, the football program at the University of Kentucky has also made significant strides in recent years. Under the leadership of head coach Mark Stoops, the football team has experienced some notable successes, including bowl game appearances and victories over rival teams. The program has been steadily improving, and there is growing enthusiasm for Kentucky football.

In summary, while the University of Kentucky has a strong tradition in both football and basketball, it is often considered more of a basketball school due to the historic success and prominence of the men’s basketball program.”

Simply put, ChatGPT indicated the University of Kentucky is more of a basketball school based on the program’s history of success. It did, however, state that the football program has “made significant strides in recent years”.

That being said, an AI chatbot can’t go to games and is incapable of feeling a deep love for the University of Kentucky’s sports programs as the BBN does. That’s why FOX 56 would like to get your opinion. Vote in the poll below.

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