Jamaal Charles fiercely defends Eric Bieniemy in wake of kerfuffle with Patrick Mahomes

Video of a verbal disagreement Sunday between Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy at the end of the second quarter went viral, but no hard feelings remain.

Mahomes was asked Monday on KCSP (610 AM) about the small argument.

“Right when we got to the locker room and we just started talking it was like it never even happened. We both understand that we both try to do whatever we can to win the game. At the end of the day, that’s all it is,” Mahomes said. “And it’s not like these things are lingering around and stuff like that.

“I mean I’ll have disagreements with other people as well. It’s not like it’s just something with EB. It’s something that you just want to win, and when you have a lot of people that care and that want to win, there’ll be little disagreements. But at the same time, you’ll come together and go and find a way to win at the end of the day.”

One person who saw that video Sunday was former Chiefs running back LeSean McCoy. Although McCoy had a short stay with the Chiefs (13 games in 2009), he has previously taken a shot at Bieniemy and he did so again Sunday.

That made headlines, and a couple former Chiefs players came to Bieniemy’s defense.

First, former Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles responded to a fan who had criticized Bieniemy.

“bro you don’t even know EB like that everybody he coach he brings out the best of all his players. If he was a problem why he still there because everybody know he it’s a great coach big Red don’t have no problem with him,” wrote Charles, a two-time All-Pro who rushed for 7,260 yards with the Chiefs from 2008-16.

Jeff Allen, a tackle for the Chiefs for six seasons between 2012-19, saw that Charles tweet and echoed the statement.

“Please believe the guys that spent more than 7 months with EB like myself and J Charles,” Allen wrote in a tweet he later deleted. “Y’all can believe Shady if y’all want to”

Jeff Allen later deleted this tweet.

Jeff Allen later deleted this tweet.