Janet Jackson’s nephew criticizes her ‘overly sexualized’ live shows, saying they degrade and objectify women

Janet Jackson.

TJ Jackson isn’t a fan of his aunt’s live shows.Getty/Visual China Group; Getty/Imagewire

  • Janet Jackson’s nephew has criticized her “overly sexualized” live shows.

  • “It degrades and objectify’s women in a way that’s not healthy,” wrote TJ Jackson on Twitter.

  • TJ, the youngest son of Tito Jackson, also said that “WAP was not a good look.”

TJ Jackson has shared his views on his aunt Janet Jackson’s live shows.

“I never liked when she did this in concerts,” replied TJ to a video shared on Twitter of Janet performing “Would You” in concert.

In the clip,  Janet is seen dancing against, touching, and imitating oral sex on a fan strapped to a table.

“I don’t like when females are overly sexualized in art,” TJ continued in the tweet posted Monday night. “It degrades and objectify’s women in a way that’s not healthy. I prefer the ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ Janet.”


TJ, who is the youngest son of Tito Jackson, added in separate a tweet that it’s not just his aunt’s performances he takes issue with.

“I love black women,” TJ wrote.”I wish you would respect the black women we put in our music videos and if you are really serious about making a difference stop supporting the negative image many female black celebs today portray.”

He added: “WAP was not a good look.”


“WAP” — an acronym for “wet-ass pussy” — was a 2020 single by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. While the song was praised by many, including The Guardian’s Dream McClinton, who called it “unapologetic in celebrating the sensuality and sexuality of women,” others, including Snoop Dogg, took issue with its explicit lyrics.

“Oh, my god. Slow down. Like, slow down and have some imagination,” said the “I Wanna Fuck You” rapper of the song. “Let’s have some privacy, some intimacy.”

Representatives for Jackson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

TJ Jackson attends Lexus Uptown Honors Hollywood at Neue House Hollywood on February 05, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

TJ Jackson in 2020.Getty/Leon Bennett

TJ’s comments about his aunt’s live shows come after football legend Tom Brady said that her infamous wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show was “good” for the NFL.

Performing alongside Justin Timberlake, a planned costume reveal went awry when Timberlake accidentally removed a section of Jackson’s clothing, and her right breast was shown on live television.

According to data and market measurement firm Nielsen, almost 90 million people were watching.

“I think in the end, it was probably a good thing for the NFL because everyone got to talk about it,” Brady, who last month retired from the NFL for a second time, said during a recent episode of his “Let’s Go!” podcast. “It was just more publicity and more publicity for halftime shows.”

“Is any publicity bad publicity?” the seven-time Super Bowl winner pondered. “That’s what they say, so who knows?”

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