Jason Day doesn’t think it ends well for muscled-up Bryson DeChambeau

Jason Day, for long, has been particularly impressed with Bryson DeChambeau’s powerful performance. However, he doubts if this bulked-up body owned by the American player can actually handle any kind of stress for a long period of time.

DeChambeau has actually been a popular topic in the world of golf, starting the resumption of PGA Tour in the month of June. The player brought in an additional muscle content of 20 pounds while impressing the rivals with a startling distance from his tee.

The former top-ranking player mentioned that he had a quick conversation with the latter with regards to his body & the swing. He also added that for a short interval, things would surely be fine. However, when going from mid to the long term, things might start changing for the worse.

According to Day, his body might not be successful in handling the stress that is being put on his body with the added weight. Plus, he has also added a chunk of speed to his moves in a rather quick manner. Day also mentioned about his own escapade when he used to beef up in his gym some years ago.

He mentioned that the added muscle weight hampered his swing & aggravated the back problems that come from standing for long hours.