Jeff Probst Addresses ‘Annoying’ Analogies On ‘Survivor’

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The host of Survivor for the last 23 years, Jeff Probst, has his supporters and his haters. There is a lot of discussion around the community about whether Probst is helping or hurting the game in its current iteration. But certainly, he has admirable qualities that make him one of the most iconic reality TV hosts of all time. For some people, however, Jeff’s enthusiasm and desire to explain moments in the game comes across as a bit too much. Probst recently went into detail about a fan complaint over his many analogies he uses in Survivor. Let’s see if, like gum on the underside of a table, Jeff’s analogies stick around.

Jeff’s Survivor Analogies

“Jeff, please no more analogies,” says Brittany, the podcast co-host reading a hate letter to Probst. “You’re not good at them and the ones you use are annoying. We want to hear what the players think, not how the game is somehow like the movie Jaws. It’s Survivor, it’s not a shark.”

jeff probst survivor 41
Jeff Probst in ‘Survivor’ Season 41

The analogy complaint comes via a segment on the official Survivor podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. Many fans in the Survivor community have noted that the analogies from Jeff concerning the game’s nature have become more frequent in recent years. The analogies can range in scale from a comparison of verbal agreements and buying a car to comparing the danger of the game to a giant shark. It’s gratuitous and can be pretty hilarious, but understandable that their frequency can peeve a number of viewers. Jeff doesn’t seem too fazed by it.

“I know I suck at analogies. I say it on location all the time. I’ll make an analogy and go ‘God I’m the worst at analogies’,” Jeff said in response to the disgruntled fan. “There will be more to come… so there…”

Jeff illustrates that he’s clearly self-aware about his analogy abilities. But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t seem like he cares too much or is particularly interested in change in this area. In a game that changes constantly, the Probst analogies are here to stay.

survivor 44 episode 1 jeff probst holding immunity
Jeff Probst with the Season 44 tribe immunities

Season 44

Clearly, Jeff’s analogies aren’t going anywhere in Season 44 of the show. The most recent episode has a fairly hilarious comparison between the tribal council and a gargoyle. The season is still in its infancy but it seems with each new episode as though it’s building towards something explosive. There are fake idols, real idols, new advantages, and fiery personalities all swirling around. There’s no telling if all of this will come to a head in the next episode or if it’ll truly explode at merge. The preview of Episode 4 may even be hinting at the first tribe swap since Season 40. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Survivor Season 44 is premiering new episodes every Wednesday.