Jeff Probst Reveals Lost ‘Survivor’ Advantages

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Survivor has had many different advantages over the years. Especially in the more recent seasons, fans can expect new twists and advantages that change the game every season. Most of these advantages are found through searching, some through journies players have to go on, and some through blind luck. The blind luck aspect of some of these advantages has given some viewers a question. Are there advantages no one finds? If there are clues that players randomly spot in trees, are there some branches that players never check? Jeff Probst recently said yes, and he also gave some specific details on advantages no one ever found.

The Lost Survivor Advantages

One of the craziest facets of this reveal is that these lost advantages can actually still be seen within the seasons. For example, Jeff speaks about an Idol Nullifier that was never found in Season 42. In Episode 4 of Season 42, the lost Idol Nullifier can be seen about eleven minutes in. It had a particularly strange hiding spot, inside of a fish won at a reward challenge, and Jonathan clearly doesn’t notice it. He guts the fish and throws the remains, and the advantage, into the ocean.

jonathan survivor 42 taku idol nullifier inside fish advantage
At this moment in Episode 4, Season 42 of ‘Survivor’, an Idol Nullifier advantage can be seen inside a fish as Jonathan guts it

Another advantage Jeff mentions is from Season 33, Survivor: Millenials vs. Gen X. The clue for this reward was found at the merge feast. In the merge feast crate, there’s a message that spells a phrase when the first letter of each word is put together. That message talks about a Hidden Immunity Idol being inside Treemail. Once again, this goes without notice from any of the new merge players. Again, the advantage was lost within the season.

It’s interesting to think how the course of Season 42 may have changed if Jonathan had looked into the fish.

On Fire with Jeff Probst

Many interesting details from behind the scenes, or sometimes right in front of your very eyes, are coming to light on this new podcast. It’s called On Fire with Jeff Probst and it’s a great way for Jeff to connect with fans and reveal more details about the game he clearly still loves so much. Already a lot of spicy info about the show has come out through the first two episodes. Hopefully, we’ll continue to get more reveals the fans previously weren’t aware of in what’s to come.

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New episodes of Survivor Season 44 are premiering every Wednesday. Every new episode is accompanied by a new episode of the podcast On Fire with Jeff Probst. Will you be watching and then listening? Let us know in the comments below.