Jeremy Roloff Says His Kids Belong Outside

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Jeremy Roloff from Little People, Big World shares very seldomly on his Instagram account. His wife, Audrey Roloff is the one who documents every moment of their lives. Jeremy recently decided to share a video with his fans. This video was all about his children. More so, the video showcased just how much they love being outside.

The Kids Play In Nature

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff live in a beautiful home in Oregon. They often share the area around their home and fans have seen how wooded the area is. Of course, this means that the kids want to go explore the forest. In Jeremy’s video, he took his kids on a hike and they looked as if they loved this more than anything else. He captioned the video, “Start ’em young. We belong outside.” The kids are seen running around in the forest and their youngest, Radley was in a backpack on Jeremy’s back.

Jeremy Roloff- Instagram
Jeremy Roloff- Instagram

When Jeremy Roloff’s fans saw this video, they were very happy to see that the kids were so excited to be on this hike with him. He had a lot of fans ask where they were hiking. Another added, “Being outside is such a big part of their development.” Jeremy got a lot of praise for getting his kids outside and showing them the beauty that is all around them.

Jeremy Roloff’s Children And Social Media

Jeremy and his wife, Audrey get a lot of backlash because of how much they post their children online. There have been fans who think that when the kids grow up, they will have mental health issues. The couple writes books about being intentional, however, Audrey is always capturing small moments in her children’s lives that don’t have to be all over Instagram. As fans watch Jeremy’s social media accounts, they have noticed that his posts do seem more intentional and he doesn’t share something every single day.

Jeremy Roloff- Instagram
Jeremy Roloff- Instagram

When it comes to his children, Jeremy Roloff likes to give them a chance to learn in life. For example, recently, he decided to give Ember, their oldest, a job of her very own. When the family returned from their Disneyland vacation, he gave her the responsibility of watching the baby chicks. She took to this job with ease! He shared some pictures of her in the barn all cuddled up watching them. Of course, fans thought this was so adorable and a great learning lesson for her.

Do you think that Jeremy works harder as a parent to teach his kids lessons? Does Audrey’s parenting help them in a different way? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us, here at TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.