Jessa Seewald Resurfaces After Miscarriage Backlash

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Former TLC star Jessa Seewald has finally resurfaced online after taking a break in response to her miscarriage backlash. The Duggar daughter has been under fire after opening up about her miscarriage. Now, after a little time away, she decided to return to social media. So, what did she share this time? Is she talking about the miscarriage or keeping things less controversial now? Keep reading for all of the details.

Jessa Seewald faces heavy criticism in response to miscarriage news.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jessa recently opened up about her miscarriage, which happened over the holiday season. She revealed to fans that she had experienced some spotting and then went to a doctor’s appointment. Unfortunately, there was no heartbeat, and Jessa later had to have a D&C.

After hearing about Jessa Seewald’s D&C, some fans and critics argued that she had had an abortion. This is a very sensitive and controversial topic, which is why it blew up on social media. The Duggar family is openly pro-life and often speaks out against abortion. So, some thought it was hypocritical of her to have a D&C. Jessa attempted to defend herself, and several of her loved ones also backed her up.

Jessa Seewald - YouTube
Jessa Seewald – YouTube

She even lost a partnership with a company due to this controversial situation. It looks like Jessa thought it was best to take a break from social media for a bit.

The Duggar daughter resurfaces on social media.

Over the weekend, Jessa Seewald shared a couple of new Instagram posts, breaking her silence after receiving so much criticism. The first video is a slideshow of photos that her three-year-old daughter Ivy had taken. She explained how she knew who was behind the camera, writing, “They rarely fail to deliver the classic feet shot. Helpful in determining which kid was behind the camera creating the little impromptu photo shoot.”

You can check out the post below.

In another post, the mom of four shared a sweet video of her four kids enjoying donuts together. It was her daughter Fern’s first time trying donuts and chocolate milk, so it was very special. Of course, the little girl, who turns two this summer, loved the delicious treats. Jessa gushed over this adorable moment and wrote, “To see life through the eyes of a child is truly an extraordinary thing. Simple pleasures. Pure joy.”

Fans are glad to see Jessa Seewald back on social media, and she’s receiving lots of love amid such a tragic time. However, she is also receiving some negative comments. Hopefully, things don’t get too bad.

So, are you glad to see Jessa Seewald back on social media? Does it shock you that she’s back so soon after facing so much backlash? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family.