Jessa Seewald Shares Sonogram With ‘No FHR,’ What’s Wrong?

On Friday, former Counting On star Jessa Seewald shared a new sonogram photo, which had a note that read, “No FHR.” Now, Duggar fans are confused about what is going on and what might be wrong. Keep reading to get all of the details Jessa has shared so far, and see what fans are thinking about the whole situation.

Jessa and her husband, Ben, share updates with fans via Instagram and YouTube. Their latest YouTube video was posted this week after a three-month hiatus. From the title, it looked like Jessa had some big news to share, but the ending of the video left fans puzzled.

Jessa Seewald YouTube

Ben & Jessa Seewald tell their kids the big news.

The new video is titled, “Happy News and a House Move!” Ben and Jessa’s video featured a clip of them sitting down with the kids to tell them a big announcement. The kids looked at several clues before they learned Jessa was expecting baby number five. The kids also shared a few of their name ideas for the new baby. Ivy suggested Alec for a boy, while the boys thought George was a good option. The kids also recommended Rose or Rosie for a girl, and Jessa agreed that this fits well with the plant names for their girls so far.

In the video, Jessa Seewald said she “can’t wait” to meet the new baby, who is due “next summer.” Below, you can see an illustration the couple showed their kids.

Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

However, though this was meant to be a happy video, it had a confusing ending.

Jessa shares a sonogram photo with ‘no FHR.’

The last few seconds of Jessa Seewald’s video were black and white. It included a sonogram photo, which reads, “No FHR.” This stands for “no fetal heartrate.”

As the sonogram photo was shown in the video, Jessa said, “All seemed to be going well until, just a few days before Christmas, I began having some spotting. And little did we know, our world was about to be turned upside down.” 

The video ended with the screen going black and instrumental music playing in the background.

Below, you can see a snap of the sonogram photo, which reads, “No FHR.”

Jessa Seewald YouTube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

Unfortunately, Jessa didn’t offer any additional details about what happened. In the comments section of her post, fans are confused. Some are congratulating her, while others are asking if she had lost the baby. At this point, the full details aren’t known.

According to Verywell Family“There are many common, non-emergency reasons a heartbeat cannot be detected in early pregnancy.”

This could be because a due date was incorrectly calculated or due to the uterus being tilted. Sometimes, the baby’s heartbeat is difficult to find early on because of their small size.

So, what do you think is going on here? Do you think Jessa is pregnant or that she had a miscarriage? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggar family. Hopefully, Jessa will share more details about the pregnancy soon.

You can watch Ben and Jessa Seewald’s new YouTube video here or below.

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