Jimmy Fallon Has Withering 1-Liner For Eric Trump And Donald Trump Jr.

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Mila Kunis wears her publicist’s bra and ‘children’s underwear’ on ‘Kimmel’ after wardrobe emergency

Mila Kunis wasn’t promoting clothing designers on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Wednesday, in fact she was there to promote her new film Luckiest Girl Alive, but first she revealed a wardrobe fiasco that left her hanging in the breeze. “I show up here,” Kunis told Jimmy Kimmel. “I open my garment bag to put on this dress and these shoes but there’s no bra, no underwear and no socks. Why I wasn’t wearing those garments either is a whole other story.” Kunis was worried because her dress was sheer but luckily she had a great team to lend her support… garments. “So I’m currently wearing my publicist’s bra, my manager’s socks, and your costume department found children’s leggings from the children’s place that we have cut into underwear.” Kunis revealed. While the New York audience appreciated her underwear ingenuity, it didn’t earn her any points when the topic switched to pizza. Though, it did garner a quite a few chuckles. “Hold on,” Kunis yelled toward the audience. “You know what? You know what? I am wearing children’s underwear for you!”