Joey Votto predicts alien invasion, Reds winning World Series

Major League Baseball took to Instagram for bold predictions in the National League Central for the upcoming season, and Joey Votto may have delivered with the wildest one of all. 

The Reds first baseman is not only picking Cincinnati to win the World Series, but something even stranger. 

“Extra terrestrials arrive on earth, April 15th,” Votto wrote in a comment on MLB’s official page.

“The 12-2 Reds and the rest of the planet learn from, communicate with, and befriend our alien friends. This process takes 5 months.

“Play resumes in October. The Reds sweep the playoffs and are World Series champs. Side note: the aliens ask if I would like to accompany them on their ship back to their plant. I oblige. Never to be seen again.”

The 2012 NL MVP is one of baseball’s most colorful characters. 

Joey Votto
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Last April, Votto posted a TikTok video dressed up as Ron Weasley and duetted a dance from Doja Cat, who was also wearing a Harry Potter-inspired outfit.

In 2017, Votto famously offered to buy his teammate a donkey if he made the All-Star team. 

Votto’s Reds are coming off the worst season of his 16-year career (62-100).

They’re not expected to get much better this year. 

Baseball Prospectus is projecting Cincinnati to go roughly 67-95, and FanGraphs isn’t anticipating much better (70-92). 

Joey Votto eats sunflower seeds during spring training.
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The 39-year-old is entering his 17th MLB season, all of which have been played with the Reds. 

Votto is hitting .297 over his career with 342 career home runs.