Jon Rahm outlasts Dustin Johnson in thrilling BMW Championship

Even after possessing a couple of silver trophies, Jon Rahm was perplexed and didn’t believe the thing that happened on Sunday at the latest BMW Championship. Not just that, he simply saw a half of the same.

Rahm was performing on the range at the other end of the clubhouse owned by Olympia Fields. When he was preparing for the playoff, no one actually expected that Dustin Johnson would roll in a 45-foot remarkable birdie that was forced in a playoff session.

Just moments after this, Rahm also faced a similar putt, but the thing was even longer & tad difficult as he entered the 18th post. The putt was 66 feet and a 5-incher that literally made him send a 90-degree angle to the ridge top.

From here on, it was Johnson’s turn, which eventually headed in a downward performance direction. As per Rahm, it was hard for him to get a grasp of what actually happened at the moment. The emotions were similar to Johnson as well as he went in for his 2nd consecutive victory. All he could do is laugh at the putt & Rahm went on to bag the winning streak.