Kampala City Council – Uganda champion in 2019

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In the 2018/2019 season, the “Kampala City Council” club became the national champion. The club was initially seen as a major contender to win the gold medals. That championship was its fifth in the last seven years.

In that campaign, the team was able to cope with pressure and demonstrate its best soccer. By the way, in all betting companies in the country, among which 1xBet Uganda stands out, you can follow the current success of the team.

In the 2018/2019 season, Kampala City Council was notably stronger than the competition. The most important thing is that the players were able to distribute their strength over the long haul. Thanks to this, the team’s results did not slip at the end of the season. All of this gave the team the coveted gold medals.

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In general, the championship for the team was well deserved. Unfortunately, it was not possible to further develop the success. The next few seasons of “Kampala City Council” did not win the title. However, if the team is interesting to you even now, you will always find matches with its participation on 1xBet. Watch the games and make your predictions about their outcome today.

What helped the club to win the coveted championship?

It can not be said that the victory of Kampala City Council is a sensation. The team had a classy lineup that its competitors could not boast. But that season, it was able to go the full distance without failing. By the way, now all its matches are covered in a reliable office. Also, the best free slots in Uganda from 1xBet bookmaker will not disappoint its customers.

Returning to “Kampala City Council”, it can be noted that the secrets of this club’s championship were:

  • excellent chemistry and understanding between the players;
  • great experience of the team leaders;
  • the ability to distribute the forces for a long and eventful distance.

The mistakes of their direct competitors also played their role. They regularly lost points, which allowed “Kampala City Council” to build up their lead.

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