Katie Maloney gave ‘blessing’ to Raquel, Schwartz

The “Scheananigans” begin!

Scheana Shay claims Katie Maloney gave her “blessing” to ex-husband Tom Schwartz to have a short-lived fling with “Vandeprump Rules” castmate Raquel Leviss. 

“There was a conversation that happened between Katie and I … and Katie said, ‘I think they would make a good couple,’ or, ‘They might be a good match,’ or something along those lines,” Shay, 37, says on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast. 

“So I took that and ran with it and I told Raquel, ‘Katie kind of gives you her blessing if you want to pursue that.’ And then you’ll see the rest play out.”

In a preview for next week’s episode, Shay records an episode of her “Scheananigans” podcast with Schwartz, 40, to discuss the aftermath of his split from Maloney, 36 — and a potential future with Leviss, 28. 

Scheana Shay appears on Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast.
Page Six

“A few months ago, Raquel and I talked about how there was this rumor you guys were making out at Coachella. Would you make the rumors true?” she asks the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-founder. 

In a separate scene, an irate Maloney blasts Shay during a FaceTime call with their mutual pal Lala Kent. 

“Scheana, you’re a s—tty person,” she states. “Karma’s going to come for you and I’ll watch your world burn and I’ll smile.”

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz
Shay claims Katie Maloney gave her “blessing” to ex-husband Tom Schwartz’s short-lived fling with “Vandeprump Rules” castmate Raquel Leviss. 
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Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz
The ups and downs of Maloney and Schwartz’s relationship has been documented by Bravo cameras.
Instagam/Tom Schwartz


During a tearful discussion with Schwartz, Maloney labels Shay a “bitch” and insists she is “tearing” the exes apart, to which he responds with an apathetic sigh. 

“Was Katie joking? Was Katie serious?” Shay says, reflecting on the genesis of her latest feud with Maloney. “I did push that because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do.”

In July 2022, Schwartz opened up about his split from Maloney and revealed that their relationship may have caused him to overlook Leviss.

Leviss and Schwartz made out during Shay’s August 2022 wedding to Brock Davies.
Instagram/Raquel Leviss
Raquel Leviss
Leviss eventually blamed Maloney for preventing her romance with Schwartz to blossom.
Instagram/Raquel Leviss


“I was so caught up in my own little world and I was married — I never took time to get to know Raquel,” he told Shay on “Scheananigans.” 

“She was always cool. I just never really took [the] time to invest in her. That’s a horrible way to phrase it. I never really gave her a chance,” he continued. “She has so much depth and character. I think I wrote her off.”

Schwartz’s comments came less than a month before he and Leviss made out at Shay and Brock Davies’ Aug. 23 wedding in Mexico, an event filmed for “Pump Rules” Season 10. 

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Raquel Leviss, Tom Schwartz
“I never took time to get to know Raquel,” Schwartz previously said on Shay’s “Scheananigans” podcast. (The pair is pictured here with “Pump Rules” couple Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval.)
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Though Maloney allegedly acknowledged Schwartz and Leviss’ potential in private with Shay, she has since made it abundantly clear that she does not approve of her ex pursuing anyone within their shared social circle. 

Leviss recently told Page Six that Maloney is to blame for the death of her budding romance with Schwartz. 

“As far as a romantic thing, it was more his decision to not pursue that,” the former pageant competitor told us. “I think Katie had a big reasoning as to why.”

Scheana Shay
“That’s what I thought I was supposed to do,” Shay says of encouraging Schwartz and Leviss to explore a connection.
Scheana Shay
Shay remains close with Leviss and Schwartz, but isn’t on speaking terms with Maloney.


Shay believes Maloney — who has been vocal about her newfound penchant for dating younger men post-divorce —only set such a boundary to exert control over Schwartz. 

“I guess that was her just wanting to still have some control over Schwartz, you know?” the “Good as Gold” singer surmises. “Like, just another ultimatum, another control thing. I think that’s what it was.”

Schwartz and Maloney began dating in September 2010 and tied the knot in front of Bravo cameras in August 2016.

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz
Instagam/Tom Schwartz
Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney
Maloney once called her split from Schwartz the “hardest thing” she’s ever done.
Instagam/Tom Schwartz


Maloney filed for divorce in March 2022 and admitted that “it was the hardest thing” she has ever done. Their marriage was legally dissolved the following October.

Although Maloney and Shay “don’t speak” after filming the latest installment of their Bravo reality show, the latter star says she has empathy for her longtime frenemy. 

“I think it’s always going to be upsetting either way when you hear your ex is moving on, hooking up with someone else. It’s just an extra sting when it’s someone as beautiful as Raquel, who is also on the show, and then you have that thrown in your face,” she explains. 

“That’s just an extra sting, so I get it. And when she said that, you know, maybe she wasn’t being serious. But I took it and ran with it and you will see all of that.”

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