Kauai community cut off by landslides after storm

A community on the Hawaiian island of Kauai that was isolated by storm-triggered landslides three years ago is once again cut off after a landslide cut across a key road. (March 13)

Video Transcript

ED SNIFFEN: This area, it’s a relatively discrete portion. And I’m knocking on wood, for now. And there’s only one slight area that we have to address. We know we can control this area lot easier.

We did an assessment of the slopes and the roadway, and everything appears to be in pretty good condition. So the next step is for us to start moving material. You can see up on top, we’re starting to lay plastic that we’re going to spread out to ensure we minimize the water that comes down to it.

The single-lane access will be established in this area. And we’ll put up barriers on the up-side slope and on the lower-side slope, because the guardrails are gone. We’ll put up lighting in this area, and we’re putting up an early alert system– a GPS cellular system– that will give us any alerts if we see any movement during that time.