Kim Kardashian Divides Fans With Her Latest Selfie Claim

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Nothing like adding Kim Kardashian to an ordinary dental appointment to spice things up! Kim Kardashian posted a selfie on March 6, 2023, on her Instagram page. She was lying back in the dentist’s seat, sporting the pink bib in preparation. But quickly, Kim Kardashian’s dental visit became a debate over app filters and edits. The Skims founder had posted a photo without makeup and the comments went wild.

Filtered, Edited, Or Natural?

Some fans were very receptive to the Instagram photo. There were comments supporting the “natural” look of Kim Kardashian. One fan said, “Nice to see Kim’s skin without makeup or a filter.” And a quick reassurance from another, “and she’s gorgeous just the same.”  There were compliments of the refreshing look she had without her S normal makeup.  Some fans pointed out the flaws, followed by praise for her showing this side to the world. “Still, you can definitely see the pores and blemishes. And that’s what we needed to see… still beautiful…” Not everyone agreed though. Many comments quickly stated there were edits and filters in use. One stated that Kim’s eyes weren’t the right size in this photo. Another was sure it was using a FaceApp filter.

Will The Real Kim Please Stand Up?

There has always been some debate among fans about the best Kim Kardashian “look.” It is hard to keep up with all the changes that have been made through the years. Many fans thought she was so beautiful when she was younger. They cannot understand why she chose to have work done. Other fans have pointed out they liked some of her earlier looks, but not necessarily her original face. She has tried some extreme diets and workouts over the years. Glamour mentions additional extreme ideas of staying “ageless.” The article also brings up how she runs a self-made billionaire business that incentivizes for her to push many products. Or perhaps this photo is a sign she is embracing her current image.

Under The Microscope

Kim Kardashian continues to post for fan engagement even if it also gathers criticism. Glamour reminds people that selfies can and should be posted without other people blasting comments and questions about body alterations and natural aging. It also pointed out that choosing to modify a body or not too are both perfectly acceptable options. While Kim Kardashian’s life and business seem to revolve around her image, she also should have the right to post a photo without being bashed.

No matter if the photo was natural, filtered, or edited, Kim Kardashian has sparked interest in her “natural” look and her filter or lack thereof. Perhaps Kim’s knight in shining finance will see her at the dentist. Who knew the dentist’s office could be so much fun?