Lakers’ bench called Duncan Robinson “Jimmy Neutron” during Finals

If you’re going to talk a lot of trash, at least be creative about it.

Like the Lakers’ bench did during the NBA Finals. They were trying to get in the head of Miami sharpshooter Duncan Robinson and started calling him Jimmy Neutron, the 11-year-old boy genius animated series character. Robinson talked about it on a Fox Sports podcast.

That’s awesome. The one flaw with the Duncan Robinson/Jimmy Neutron comparison is even with his tower of a hairdo, Neutron is the shortest kid in his class, where Robinson is a legit 6’7″. We don’t have word on if Robinson also has to be in bed by 9 p.m. on school nights.

Robinson was laughing about all of it. The taunts apparently didn’t get in his head when he drained seven threes on the Lakers in Miami’s Game 5 win.

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