Lala Kent Coming To Snatch Ariana Madix Up?

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Is Lala Kent coming to snatch her co-star Ariana Madix up? After her breakup with Tom Sandoval, Madix has been seen with NYC fitness-based instructor, Daniel Wai. She has also looked better than she has in a long time so is that making Lala turn her head? Read on to see what the mother of one had to say.

Lala Kent Coming To Snatch Ariana Madix Up?

When it was revealed that Tom Sandoval had cheated on Ariana Madix with her close friend, Raquel Leviss, Lala Kent was not shocked. She has suspected something fishy was going on between Leviss and Sandoval for some time. Furthermore, she never cared for Raquel from the beginning and was sad that Ariana was hurting. Then, the reunion came around and Ariana looked like a million bucks. She had her revenge body and revenge dress. Lala was ready to fight for Ariana and against Sandoval as she has reached her limit with cheaters. She had spent years with a man who had been deceptive and unfaithful so she did not care for any of the excuses.

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Now, Ariana Madix has come out with a new snap where she is soaking wet, sleek, and sexy. Lala Kent took to her Instagram stories to not only show off this photo but send a message. She said that she saw these photos and wanted to let Daniel Wai know he better treat Ariana right. If he didn’t, Lala was going to come in and steal his girl. She said: “just call me Captain Steal Your Girl.” Then, she added that she was just kidding but fans could misinterpret this.

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Back in Season 7, it came out that Lala Kent and Ariana Madix had hooked up in the backseat of Tom Sandoval’s car. He shared this when he and the guys went out for Sandoval’s birthday. As they were smoking cigars, he divulged this information, and Jax Taylor, of course, told Lala was had been said. It made its way to Ariana who was fuming. She admitted that she has been with women and later came out as bisexual but did not want this publicly known.

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Of course, Lala Kent is just being very supportive of her good friend. Plus, she has already said that she has not seen Ariana so happy in a long time. That has a lot to do with Daniel Wai who she sees whenever she is in NYC. The two were first spotted at Coachella, canoodling then at LAX kissing when she dropped him off. Fans have even told him to take care of her because they cannot handle Madix being hurt again.

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