Lana Continues Major WWE Push With Huge Victory on Raw

While Edge keeps adding on to his fairytale return to WWE and fans focus on his storyline, many forget what WWE is currently doing with Lana. The Superstar is extremely talented and is being given a continuous push. 

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, she teamed up with Naomi to fight Charlotte Flair and Asuka. The winners of the match would immediately become number one contenders for the Women’s Tag team Championships held by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler.

Shockingly, the two of them managed to trump ‘The Queen’ and the Raw Women’s Champion in a huge underdog victory. Naomi and Lana are now set to compete for the gold. 

On the latest edition of Raw Talk, the two reacted to their victory and made it clear that they were going to do it all and win the titles. 

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Lana is being pushed to be a top star in WWE

Lana has been given a huge push on Raw. 2020 was not her year, and she felt the pain of it more than anyone else in WWE. The Superstar was sent through the commentary table over 10 times by Nia Jax in what seemed like the biggest burial in WWE history. 

However, there were bigger plans in store for her, and WWE effectively turned it into a redemption story. Lana was written off Survivor Series last year after suffering a storyline injury. She returned last night at the Royal Rumble match to put an effective end to her storyline with Nia. 

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Using her size against her, Lana was able to eliminate Jax but now will meet her foe yet again. If Naomi and her manage to win the titles, it will be an emphatic victory. 

This has been a long storyline for Lana and WWE has spent a lot of time forming her character. In terms of long-term storytelling, Lana will surely be a top star, and it looks like the company has faith in her. 

The Tag Team Championship is the first step to success, and we may soon see Lana break out as a solo star on WWE Raw, ready for a title reign. 

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