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Louisville police officer accused of forcing his way into woman’s home and beating her

Louisville police officer accused of forcing his way into woman’s home and beating her

A Louisville Metro Police officer has been arrested after a woman told police that he forced his way into her residence with a gun, then restrained and beat her over a period of hours.

Robert D. Jones Jr., 25, of Louisville, is charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree wanton endangerment, first-degree unlawful imprisonment and fourth-degree assault.

Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said Jones has been reassigned and an investigation by the police department’s Public Integrity Unit is continuing.

She said Jones began recruit school with the department in February 2018.

Louisville Police Chief Erika Shields issued a statement, saying “The department fully respects the judicial process, but to be clear, acts of domestic violence by employees will not be tolerated at any level.”

Jones was arrested at his home Friday afternoon, according to a police citation filed in Jefferson District Court.

A police citation filed in Jefferson District Court says the woman had bruising and swelling on her face, marks on her neck, a mark on her forehead from where a gun was held to it and multiple bruises on her body after the alleged April 11 attack.

The woman said Jones was armed with a handgun when he “pushed his way into” her home, then “locked the door and began berating” her “about not returning his calls,” according to the police citation.

Police said there was “a physical altercation” in the living room that then moved into the bedroom, where Jones took the woman’s handgun off the nightstand and “secured it on his person.” He “straddled” the woman and pinned her on the bed, and she “yelled for Siri to call 911.”

Police said Jones put his hand over the woman’s mouth “and forcibly placed a handgun to victim’s forehead” and put his elbow or forearm on her throat and chest area.

After returning to the living room, police said Jones “demanded victim’s phone and attempted to gain access.” There was a struggle at the top of the steps, and the woman fell down them, police said. They said the woman “landed against the drywall, causing damage to the drywall.”

Police said Jones then “led victim to the back room in the basement, closing the door behind them and blocking the only point of exit.” There, he allegedly berated her and accused her of cheating.

Police said that Jones “struck victim multiple times in the hand, wrist and feet” and “continued to hold/restrain” her.

The woman told police that that continued for about three hours, and when she “attempted to break free, (Jones) body slammed victim onto the ground which knocked the wind from victim and caused her to be disoriented.”

He then allegedly pinned her to the floor and punched her in the face. Seeing “immediate swelling and bruisng to victim’s face, he began to apologize,” police said. He also allegedly “told victim what lie she could tell to explain how she received the injury.”

Police said Jones grabbed the woman’s neck, which left marks, and then left.

On Saturday, a judge set Jones’ bond at $30,000. Conditions of his release included not having possession of a gun and having no contact with the victim, court records indicate.

A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for April 26.

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