Lufthansa tells passengers on rocky flight to delete photos

Passengers on a Lufthansa flight from hell that dropped almost 4,000 feet in severe turbulence were asked to delete their photos and videos of the terrifying event, according to a report.

Before the March 1 flight made an emergency landing at Washington, DC’s Dulles Airport, a flight attendant twice made an announcement to get rid of any images, passenger Rolanda Schmidt told Insider.

“I think we were all just like, ‘What?!’” Schmidt said.

The second announcement implied that the request was to protect passenger privacy, she said.

Schmidt said she was injured when the plane en route from Texas to Germany suddenly dropped during the dinner service.

She said she suffered a concussion, bruised her arm and potentially fractured her hip.

“I thought we were going down,” she said.

debris on floor of airplane cabin
Passengers say Lufthansa asked them to delete photos taken in the aftermath of sudden drop from turbulence.

airplane cabin interior
Several passengers posted images on social media of the debris that flew when a Lufthansa plane hit severe turbulence.

Another passenger confirmed to Insider that they were asked to delete photos.

But plenty of images nevertheless made their way to social media and showed food, papers and debris littering the cabin floor.

Camila Alves, actor Matthew McConaughey’s wife, was among those onboard and posted a brief video to her Instagram followers showing the aftermath of the chaos.

“To respect the privacy of those around me that’s all I am showing but the plane was a CHAOS And the turbulence keep on coming,” she wrote.

debris on floor of airplane cabin
The Lufthansa flight hit severe turbulence during the dinner service.

Lufthansa did not immediately return a request for comment from Insider.