Man’s kids fulfill dying wish by pouring ashes down bar drain

It was last call for a British man whose life really went down the drain – in the form of his ashes mixed in a pint of beer, according to a report.

Cassidy McGlinchey, 35, and her brother Owen McGlinchey, 46, fulfilled their dad Kevin’s final wishes by pouring his remains down a drain outside his favorite pub, Hollybush, in Coventry, England, The Sun reported.

“Our dad had told us for years and years his wishes would be to go down a pub drain. He used to drop things down there, weird things … like his hair,” Cassidy said.

“He loved the Hollybush and would take a walk up there every day. He said, ‘When I die if you put me down the drain I will be able to travel to all my locals through the drains underground,’” she said.

“’Every time you walk over a drain you will think of me and there are plenty around so no matter where you are in the world you will still think it,’” Cassidy said her dad had told her.

England ashes down bar drain
Kevin McGlinchey had his wish fulfilled by his children, Owen and Cassidy
Caters News Agency

So when Kevin died recently at age 66, his children recorded the moment they poured the ash-filled beer down the drain.

“It was a very emotional time for us all and very hard to get our heads around,” Cassidy said.

In the video posted online, people cheer and clap as Owen scoops the ashes and mixes it into the lager.

Kevin McGlinchey memorial
Kevin McGlinchey’s memorial is seen outside the drain at the Hollybush pub.
Caters News Agency

“As mad as it sounds, this was his last wish he ever wanted — was to go down this drain, so he is here forever,” Owen says.

Cassidy said: “It was an amazing feeling giving my dad exactly what he had wished for when he died, and I would do it all over again.

ashes bar drain
His children recorded the moment they poured the ash-filled beer down the drain.
Caters News Agency

“We have been through so much as a family over the years and suffered so much heartache, it’s nice to have a smile knowing my dad is still causing a stir even from his drain,” she added.