Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s fourth wave of DLC tracks adds Birdo on March 9th

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s fourth wave of DLC tracks will be released on March 9th, Nintendo has announced. As with previous updates, the wave will include eight tracks that are mostly returning from previous entries in the series. However, it’ll also include an additional playable character, Birdo. This fourth wave was initially teased during a Nintendo Direct last month with a vague “Spring 2023” release date.

The fourth wave includes a brand-new course called Yoshi’s Island. This will sit alongside Riverside Park from the Game Boy Advance game, DK Summit from the Wii version, Mario Circuit from the DS, Waluigi Stadium from the GameCube, and three tracks from the Mario Kart Tour smartphone game — Amsterdam Drift, Bangkok Rush, and Singapore Speedway. The tracks will be split across two cups: Fruit Cup and Boomerang Cup.

As with previous waves, the new update is included with the same Booster Course Pass purchase or with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack tier. The former costs $24.99, while the latter is a $49.99 a year subscription. Its release leaves just two waves of DLC left to come.