Mark Ruffalo Birthday: Lesser Known Facts About The Multi-Talented Marvel Cinematic Universe Superstar

Mark Ruffalo Birthday: Lesser Known Facts About The Multi-Talented Marvel Cinematic Universe Superstar

Even though Mark Ruffalo is most famous for his role in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hulk as Bruce Banner and his later-ego, the actor has an impressive body of work as well. He has had his share of hits and misses and is also not just all about films and acting but also a political activist, who has not minced worlds. And as far as the industry goes, Mark is not just an actor but also a film director and producer. I Know This Much Is True Teaser: Mark Ruffalo Impresses in This Intense Family Saga About Identical Twins (Watch Video).

Although in the past few years, Mark has been widely associated with the MCU, he has, in the past, had a reputation for not only choosing diverse roles with each of his film, but also of being a method actor. And on the eve of the actor turning a year older, here are some lesser known facts about Mark Ruffalo. Mark Ruffalo Reveals It Was Robert Downey Jr Who Convinced Him to Play Hulk.

Check Them Out Below:

Mark Ruffalo had a particularly difficult childhood. He had Dyslexia and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

He followed in his father’s footsteps who was a wrestler and wrestled in junior high.

Ruffalo has beaten brain tumour and partial paralysis of his face.

Ruffalo is deaf in one ear as a result of his paralysis attack.

His alternate career was that of a Bartender for almost 10 years.

The actor says he has given 800 auditions before succeeding.

Edward Norton and Marvel’s fall out over Hulk, was the former’s loss and Mark Ruffalo’s gain, as he was chosen to play Hulk.

Ruffalo has been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Oscars thrice – The Kids Are All Right, Foxcatcher and Spotlight.

Ruffalo is known as an actor who always goes method with his real-life inspired roles. And that has always ended in him gaining critical acclaim.

Mark Ruffalo and Channing Tatum in Foxcatcher (Photo Credits: YouTube)

Ruffalo is dedicated to the Solutions Project, an organisation that aims to make the US 100% renewable energy-fueled.

Ruffalo has been known for giving out major spoilers and has unintentionally let major MCU spoilers leak.

Mark Ruffalo once send Martin Scorsese a fan letter and landed a role in Shutter Island. Such Luck!

Mark Ruffalo and Martin Scorsese (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Mark Ruffalo had a brother Scott who was shot in December 2008 and the case remains unsolved.

Mark Ruffalo and Brother Scott (Photo Credits: Instagram Fan Page)

Mark is also well known for his love of acting. In an interview, Mark was quoted as saying, ” “I love acting and don’t really see the difference between  the kind of acting you do in a big movie or a small movie. “One great thing about being an actor is you get invited into people’s worlds that you don’t belong in.” Well, now that’s deep understanding of your work. Happy Birthday Mark Ruffalo!

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