Matt Roloff Continues Detailing Build Process

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Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World was very happy to share that he was building a home for himself and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. He recently shared some photos with his fans to show just how construction is going. When his fans on Instagram saw the building, they seemed shocked. Although all he wanted to do was show off the building process, some fans slammed him for just how it looked already. Why do you think fans got so upset over this building? Let’s find out.

Matt Roloff’s Newest Post Angers Fans

Matt Roloff shared the progress for the new home. He captioned the photo, “Building is a process. The foundation is called Foundation for a good reason.” The photo showed a huge home being built from the bottom up. There seems to be a firm foundation with a lot of boards holding it up. Fans wanted to share what they thought of the new home. One of Matt’s fans wrote, “This is a house? For two people? It looks like a large conference center. Holy crap!” In addition, an angry fan added, “Here in Brazil, parents work and build things to leave for their children and not to sell and leave their children with nothing.” Although there were plenty of negative comments, some fans applauded him for making his dream home come true.

Matt Roloff- Instagram
Matt Roloff- Instagram

Fans of Little People, Big World were mostly excited to be able to see the progress as the home is built. They know that Matt will have to have certain accommodations for his height and disability. More so, they took this into consideration when making their comments about how big the home looked already. Interestingly enough, Matt Roloff didn’t clap back at the fans who made negative comments about the building. He didn’t let them bother him at all.

A Dream Home For Caryn

Although Matt and Caryn have yet to tie the knot, it is clear that he would do anything for her. Caryn is so special to him and fans have watched their relationship blossom on Little People, Big World. Even though we aren’t too sure about the next season of the show, we can keep up with them on social media. Matt Roloff has been posting a lot since the building began and promises to keep us all informed. According to him, this home has been five years in the making! However, even though Matt claims that it is his plan, most fans believe that it will be Caryn’s dream home.

Caryn Chandler- Instagram
Caryn Chandler- Instagram

Fans are happy to see that Matt and Caryn are still going strong and that the house is underway. Caryn has been living in Arizona, according to the rumors that she quit the show for good. Matt has been doing his best to rent out the Roloff Farm and prepping for the next pumpkin season as well.

Do you think this house is going to be too big for just Matt and Caryn? Do you agree with Matt’s fans? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more!