Mavericks’ Kristaps Porzingis to miss rest of NBA playoff series vs. Clippers with lateral meniscus tear

Kristaps Porzingis, the main man for Dallas Mavericks, will no more be a part of the rest of the 1st round series being played against the opponents LA Clippers. This happened due to the tear in the lateral meniscus at the right knee of the player. This news was announced by the team on Friday evening.

Surgery for the repair of the meniscus is surely a possibility, but as per Porzingis, this decision cannot be made up until the medical staff at Mavs’ evaluates the knee’s response to the treatment, which includes plasma injections that are platelet-rich.

On Saturday, Porzingis mentioned that he is hoping that the injections that he took will help him heal through the meniscus and eventually heal without any need for surgery. He mentioned that he is unaware of how exactly the injections work and how it is going to heal him.

The entire decision depends on the upcoming few weeks and how it works, after which the medical staff shall take the decision whether the tear needs to be operated or not. Porzingis, as of now, continues to play some basketball while holding out a bit to ensure that he can return back in full strength.