Meri Brown Continues To Be Robyn & Kody’s Third Wheel?

It appears as if Meri Brown of Sister Wives is still content being Kody and Robyn’s third wheel. As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Kody and Robyn were recently spotted potentially courting a new wife. Photos were snapped of them hanging out with a mysterious blonde woman. Turns out, they were not alone. Meri Brown was also with them. What is going on and is Meri Brown still content to being Kody and Robyn’s third wheel?

Meri Brown Continues To Be Robyn And Kody’s Third Wheel?

Sister Wives fans have found the dynamics of Kody, Meri, and Robyn to be extremely odd. Meri and Robyn seem to be relatively close. As fans know, Meri divorced Kody so Robyn could legally marry him to make things easier with insurance and the adoption of her children from her previous marriage. Fans have always thought this was a disgustingly low move on Kody’s part and widely disrespectful to Meri.

Over the past few seasons, fans watched as Meri became shockingly giddy any time the opportunity to spend a moment with Kody happened. Likewise, she also admitted she was more than happy to take Kody and have him spend time at her house as the other wives became frustrated with him.

Moreover, fans also saw Robyn Brown cling to Meri and tell her they had to find a way to rebuild their family because she did not want to be in a monogamous relationship with Kody.

During Season 17, Kody admitted he didn’t see himself as being married to Meri anymore. In fact, there was part of him that hoped she would find someone new to be with. This was heartbreaking for Meri to deal with. And, it wasn’t too long after that they issued statements confirming their split.

Kody - Christine - Janelle - Meri Brown - Robyn Youtube
Kody – Christine – Janelle – Meri Brown – Robyn Youtube

She Was Spotted With Them And A Potential New Wife

Now, Kody and Robyn Brown were spotted hanging out with a mysterious blonde woman that fans thought might be a potential new wife. What really gets weird is the individual who snapped the photo revealing that Meri Brown was also with them. Turns out, Meri just wasn’t in the photos because she was the one parking the car. In response to this information, fans were shocked as it appeared as if Meri was still willing to let Kody walk all over her if it meant getting to spend time with him.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Caesars Vegas

Was this Meri and Robyn working to rebuild the polygamous family they desperately wanted? Why was Meri with them? There has been some fan chatter that the mysterious woman in question was actually Robyn’s sister. So, it is possible this was some sort of family gathering. But, that still doesn’t make Meri being there any less baffling for fans!

What is going on with Robyn, Kody, and Meri? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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