Messi misses Barcelona COVID-19 testing as doubts grow over future

Lionel Messi stuck with his threat & refrained from turning up as the preseason started for the year. He now continues to work for a pathway away from team Barcelona. On Sunday, the Barcelona players were set for a COVID-19 test just before the start of Monday’s very first training session post the appointment of Ronald Koeman as the coach.

Messi was supposed to show up at around 10:15 a.m., but he failed to come in for the test. As per information shared by sources close to Messi, he had plans to skip the Sunday meeting anyway. The 33-year-old renowned player has actually been advised by his own legal team to refrain from participating in the 2020-21 preseason campaign.

Doing this would actually compromise his assertion that he had a chance to leave without having to pay anything as the 2019-20 session ended. The Argentina-based player mentioned that he made use of a clause allowing him to single-handedly terminate the contract as the season ended.

However, the Catalan Club mentioned that this clause actually expired in the month of June & any club willing to sign in Messi as their team needs to pay €700 million to lawfully do so.