Minecraft: Top 10 Things You Can Do to Be Better in the Game

Most players in Minecraft have some kind of idea on how to play the game. While the basic tools and skills are not that hard to learn for beginners, they do mess up a lot in some complex parts of the game. Many players make a lot of wrong decisions while playing the game, which makes them inefficient. These are some things players can do to be more efficient.

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Using coal blocks, barrels and planks in Minecraft

For mass scale smelting, it is always better to use a block of coal instead of using coals one at a time. This is because a block of coal requires nine coals, but it provides 10 coals worth of smelts. This saves them an extra coal for every nine coals worth of smelts. Chests are one of the most important items in the game for storage. But barrels are considered a better storage unit than Chests. This is because they are much more resource efficient and it doesn’t create while playing.

Players can save a lot of fuel by not using logs for smelting. Instead, it is always better to convert the logs into planks, as both planks and logs have equal worth during smelts. But, one log converts to four planks and hence by using planks, players are quadrupling their efficiency. It is also better to place torches in mines on the walls rather than the floors. This is to make sure that the torches won’t be destroyed if someone accidentally digs a hole near a water source.

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Improve mining and Crafting

When players dig mining staircases, they always dig two vertical blocks to go underground. But while using the staircase to go up again, players always hit the block above, making them slower. So it is always better to dig three vertical blocks to prevent this problem. Players should also store stone blocks or dirt in chests or barrels as they are very essential during Haste mining even though they are not the most valuable materials in the game.

Stairs are a very important building item in Minecraft to improve designs of houses. While most players use a crafting table to create stair blocks, it is always better to use a stonecutter as it requires fewer blocks to create the same stair designs. Save color dyes by using one of them to dye all the sheeps before they get sheared. This is because once the sheep get sheared, players need one dye for every wool block, which is very inefficient.

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Players in PvP matches often use critical hits to kill their enemies faster. This is also a wise tactic to use against mobs, as it requires fewer hits and saves the durability of the weapon. Earn more XP during fishing by actively taking part in it while it’s raining. So if players usually fish in a closed environment, then they should go out while it’s raining and fish from a stream or a river.

Using these tips and tricks can definitely save a lot of items which can be useful in a game that requires a lot of materials farming.

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