Miss Kansas USA Gracie Hunt defends swimsuit competition

Miss Kansas USA Gracie Hunt is setting the record straight about the swimsuit portion of her pageant victory.

Hunt took to Instagram — four days after she was crowned Miss Kansas USA on Sunday — to seemingly defend her participation in the swimsuit competition. In a lengthy explanation, alongside a clip of her modeling a blue swimsuit during the pageant, Hunt clarified her definition of the “fitness competition.”

The 22-year-old Chiefs heiress wrote in part, “Swimsuit modeling or showing my work in the pursuit of health and fitness does not in any way diminish my worth as a woman. It does not abate my true strength, lessen my credibility, or degrade any other area of my life.

“In fact it reinforces the notion that pageantry develops a hard work ethic in all areas of competition and life lessons about living healthy inside and out.”

Hunt, who is the daughter of Kansas City Chiefs chairman and CEO, Clark Hunt, continued with a message about female empowerment.

“I want all women to feel empowered and strong, so that we may fulfill our potential and become the best versions of ourselves. We are all different. There is no ‘one size fits all,’  but there is confidence in knowing that you are better today than you were yesterday,” she wrote.

Hunt, who lives with Celiac disease, is a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic and certified health and fitness coach. She recently completed her nutrition certification and accreditation so she can help others live a healthier lifestyle.

Hunt has said that her health journey began after she was diagnosed at a young age with the immune disease, also known as a gluten intolerance.

Additionally, she currently works in marketing and development for the Chiefs — while pursuing her master’s degree in sport management at the University of Kansas.

After being crowned Miss Kansas USA, Hunt will go on to compete in the Miss USA 2021 pageant.